Make your order processing simpler

In Opera 3, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Delivery Notes and Statements can be batch created as PDFs and e-mailed directly from within the system using Supply Chain Management.

Integrate sales, purchasing and stock with financial management to automate the delivery of customer orders with effective stock management. Respond to demand for products and pricing quickly and effectively to maintain customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, and you have the complete control required to manage the supply chain management aspects of your business.
>See it in action. Watch the pre-recorded Supply Chain Management webinar.

What our customers say about Supply Chain Management

" The supply chain is a vitally important part of Opera 3, it comprises of sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock. Those three mean we keep control " Guy Atkins, Managing Director, Jo Bird

" Supply chain management has been extremely useful within the company. It tells the production people what to make, how to make it, how many to make and when we want it by " Shirley Harris, Managing Director, LF Harris