Providing integration between manufacturing and accounting software

ERP to Pegasus Integration

MicroPeg for Opera is designed to integrate Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing from a variety of ERP solutions by importing invoices and credit notes, exporting customer and supplier details.

This is available for:

  • Micross
  • Omnis
  • JobBOSS
  • MfW
  • Smart Vision
  • 123 Insight
  • Alliance Mfg
  • Plus many more formats


Integration between K3 Manufacturing and Sage 50

The MicroSage 50 manufacturing link module is designed to integrate K3 Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing with the Sage 50 Sales and Purchase ledgers respectively by importing invoices and credit notes, and exporting customer and supplier details. This is currently available for Micross, Omnis, JobBOSS, Micross for Windows (MfW) and Smart Vision.

Sage 50 financials are updated with information provided by the K3 Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing systems. The link will also draw details of customer and supplier information from the ledgers, together with all the parameter settings. Likewise, the Nominal ledger is interrogated with regards to the existence of specified nominal accounts through the Sales and Purchase analysis codes. Other tables such as VAT rates, currencies, and country codes are checked to ensure complete verification and data integrity during the transfer.

Trial Kitting utility for Pegasus Opera

Designed to check for component and sub-assembly requirements and shortages in planned or projected production and kitting. Data can be entered onto the requirements list by a number of ways:

    • Manual Entry by selecting the assemblies and entering the quantities required
    • Loaded from a CSV file using F3. The file can originate from an Excel spreadsheet, or from a previous trial kitting list.
    • Imported from Sales Outstanding using the F10 key

For regular or repeat production requirements the data can be saved back in a CSV file format. This is particularly useful when working with an MPS (Master Production Schedule). Once the data has been loaded there are a number of reporting options available, each having multiple criteria to enable filtering of the data methods of calculating shortages. The latest version also includes an option to report upon multiple locations within the stock database.

123 Insight - Simple, efficient, risk-free MRP/ERP software.

abs-123-insight-manufacturingWe offer a unique approach for just about any type of manufacturing, from electronics and textiles through to medical and aerospace; large or small. 123insight has won numerous awards, including the MWP Advanced Manufacturing award for 'Best Production Management System' in 2012.

Effective production management, or MRP software, is critical for successful manufacturing. Spreadsheets, databases and other methods may work for a while but in the end only a full manufacturing system will do. Implementing a traditional system is often a risky and disruptive process, with failure not uncommon and heavy financial costs simply written off.